Wellness Program

According to research done in 2008, chronically ill patients in our country have the most negative access, coordination, and safety experiences of treatment when compared to chronically ill patients in France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Compared to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom, the United States also has a higher rate of medical mistakes, medication errors, and lab errors. Healthcare is a 2.8 trillion dollar industry in the United States. America is spending more per capita on health than all other countries in the world while our outcome measures continue to decline.   Synapse: Center for Health and Healing has made it an ongoing mission to improve outcome for our patients while providing the best science based care. We strive to be leaders in healthcare change and have started a new program to improve care options for our wellness patients.

With the recent changes in healthcare, most people have become more aware of healthcare options along with costs. It has become evident that prevention and maintenance of health is vital.   Our goals are not only for our patient to live longer, but more importantly to improve the quality of their lives. This is best done with regular chiropractic treatments. Synapse: Center for Health and Healing wants to provide quality, preventative, cost-effective wellness care and be a part of your total health and wellness goals. We just recently started implementing a new Wellness Program that allows patients to come in for regular care at a discounted price. We want to continue to push the current medical paradigm while accomplishing the best patient outcomes whether by both treating illnesses and preventing disease and dysfunction. Call Synapse today to find out more about our new Wellness Program.