Memory & Brain Health Program

About Our Memory & Brain Health Program

Losing brain health and memory is a fear for many people. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your health to better maintain memory and overall brain function as you age. At Synapse, we will work with you to identify and correct the areas of your health that may be negatively impacting brain function and memory.

Our Memory & Brain Health Program is a cohort program, meaning we gather a set number of individuals and start the program for all patients at once. This may only happen once or twice per year. During this program, you will undergo a variety of assessments, laboratory tests, and therapies tailored to your situation.

In order to save a future spot in this program, fill out the questionnaire on this page. You will be entered onto our waiting list and will receive future information as it is available.

Memory & Brain Health Lecture

Dr. Troy Spurrill hosted a Memory & Brain Health Lecture on Saturday, December 17th. Below is the recording of the event.

Memory & Brain Health Basics

There are general recommendations that we give to all patients worried about cognitive decline. Lifestyle factors, including diet and nutrition, play a key role. Making a few changes in these areas can have big impacts over time.


We have two basic supplement recommendations. The first is critical if you sleep poorly. The second gives critical nutrients to support proper cognition and memory function. Follow the link to view and order these supplements.


The baseline diet recommendations are less of a full diet switch and more of a few recommended tweaks to your current diet. There are situations where more significant diet change is warranted, but these recommendations are helpful for anyone.

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