Synapse Functional Medicine Programs

Synapse Functional Medicine Programs are customized diagnostic and treatment plans for individuals looking for a functional medicine approach to their health concerns. Get started with a free Discovery Call to see if you’re a good fit for our clinic. Continue reading below for more details on our program offerings.

Starting Your Patient Journey

Thank you for interest in functional medicine at Synapse Center for Health and Healing! We’re exciting for you to be begin your patient journey with us. In order to get started, we need to get to know you better. The process below is the typical starting point for most of our new patients.

Free Discovery Call​

To get started, we have every new patient go through a free Discovery Call with one of our team members. The purpose of this call is to gather basic information about your health problems and goals.

Practice Member Evaluation​

The Practice Member Evaluation (PME) is an hour-long conversation with one of our providers to go over your case. You will have a chance to give more information about your concerns and we will outline the methods we use in our practice that would be suited to improving your health situation.

Finalize Next Steps​

At the end of your PME, you will collaborate with the provider to decide on best next steps for your care. This may be a full program or a step-wise approach to investigating specific issues.

Program Options

We want to meet you where you’re at while still challenging you toward your greatest health potential. Our providers will help you choose a route that is best based on your unique health concerns and goals.

Full Program

Full functional medicine programs are anywhere from 2-12 months long and include evaluations, diagnostic testing, provider visits, services, and therapies. Programs are individualized based on your unique concerns and goals.

Phased Program

In some situations, we break our programs into phases. This most commonly occurs when more information is needed up front prior to deciding on next steps for treatment. Diagnostics and evaluations are performed prior to deciding on treatment strategies.

Individual Services

We have a high number of people coming to us for individual services. These can be done without a program and you are able to schedule these online by selecting an option on our Services page.

Wellness Care

Many people take advantage of our Chiropractor, Acupuncture and Manual Therapies without the need for a program. Many of our patients become long-term members of Synapse, engaging in routine Wellness care and utilizing our high-end services.

Evaluation Process

All programs, where full or phased, will start with an evaluation process. For most people this will include in-person evaluations as well as laboratory, functional , and diagnostic testing.

In-Person Evaluations

Over decades of practice, we have created a variety of evaluations that efficiently examines your body for clues about internal dysfunction. Below is a list of some of our common evaluations.

  • Standard Physical Evaluation
  • Applied Kinesiology Testing
  • Functional Neurology Evaluation
  • Chronic Inflammation Evaluation
  • Movement Pattern Analysis

Laboratory Assessment

We feel strongly that assessing the state of your metabolism and the potential for microbial imbalance or toxin exposure is critical to setting a course towards healing. We use blood, urine, stool, saliva, and hair to get to the root of your problems. Below is a list of some of our common tests.

  • Standard Blood Work
  • Hormone Assessment
  • Tick-borne Illness
  • Mold Biotoxins
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Gastrointestinal Function and Infection
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Heavy Metals
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Neurological Function
  • Food Allergy
  • Genetics
  • Micronutrient Status

Functional & Diagnostic Testing

We use a variety of in-house functional tests to enhance the information coming from physical evaluations and laboratory assessments. We also use cutting-edge diagnostic testing when appropriate to gain specific insight into your sleep, cardiovascular system, and inflammatory state. Below are some examples.

  • BIA (Body Composition and Cellular Health)
  • Thermography
  • WatchPAT (Sleep Apnea)
  • EndoPAT (Cardiovascular Health)
  • X-Ray
  • MRI
  • NeuroQuant
  • Ultrasound
  • Adrenal Response
  • Food Sensitivity and Nutrition Evaluation

Program Details

Once we have a better understanding of the state of your health and any root cause issues, it’s time to start fixing those issues. We have a variety of services that may be added to your programs that will lead you toward healing.

Provider Visits

During your program you will have periodic check-ins with the provider. These serve as mile-markers to assess progress and make any necessary changes to your program. These occur every few weeks to every few months, depending on your program.


For some, we include more frequent follow up with coaches. This is designed for those who need greater accountability or a more complex set of issues that need closer tracking. We also utilize coaches to help implement lifestyle changes.


Hands-on treatment from our team, whether a chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, or other manual therapies, will assist in improving your body's overall health and wellbeing. This may be done frequent or not at all during a program.


Many people benefit from the inclusion of our cutting-edge therapies during their program. These therapies are designed to speed up your healing or provide support for your metabolism in ways that aren't possible through diet, supplements and lifestyle.


Changing your lifestyle is critical to finding improved health. You can't keep doing the same things you're doing now and expect radical change. Altering diet and supporting nutritional deficiencies through supplementation will bring your body into better health.

Functional Medicine Testing & Treatments

Below is a list of select services that you may experience during your functional medicine programs at Synapse.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a personalized medical treatment that uses hormones identical to the ones produced by the human body to alleviate symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances. BHRT is tailored to each individual’s unique hormonal needs, offering potential benefits such as improved mood, increased bone density, and better overall well-being.

Ozone Detox Sauna

Ozone therapy is a potent way to improve health both inside and out. Coupled with infrared and steam sauna technology, our HOCATT ozone sauna cleanses, detoxifies, and renews your skin and vital internal functions. Adding the Ozone Detox Sauna is a great addition to any Renew program. Talk to our experts about adding this to yours!

IV & Injection Therapy

Nothing beats a healthy diet, but there are many times when an extra boost of nutrients can do a world of difference. We offer a wide variety of IV and injection services to your needs. Our therapies include Myers Cocktail IV, Glutathione IV, Hydration IV, Anti-aging IV, B12 Injections and more. Click the link below to learn more about our IV & Injection therapies.
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Functional Lab Analysis

One of our most common ways of investigating your issues is through lab testing. We routinely test blood, urine, stool, hair and saliva to gain a better understanding of your body's functioning. Our providers spend considerable time in analyzing your results from a functional perspective, scrutinizing suboptimal results to look for meaningful patterns in your results.


Thermography is a non-invasive way of assessing the function of certain body areas by looking at heat release. By taking thermographic pictures of your body, we gain important insight into changes in metabolism, blood flow, and inflammation. Many of our patients use thermography as a routine women's health screening or breast health risk assessment.


EndoPAT is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive assessment of endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is the earliest clinically detectable marker of vascular health. It is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and many other disease processes. Damage to the endothelium, the most inner layer of the blood vessels, plays a major role in the development of cardiovascular disease, the progress of it and eventually its outcomes. The EndoPAT is a 16 minute in-office test that utilizes finger probes and a blood pressure cuff to evaluate and score the health of the lining of the blood vessels.


WatchPAT is an FDA-cleared home sleep apnea test and diagnostic device that uses innovative technologies to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnea. Unlike other complicated sleep tests, the WatchPAT utilizes a wearable wrist device, a chest sensor and a finger probe to make at-home sleep apnea testing simple and reliable. This test can be completed in the comfort of your own bedroom, which is more representative of your personal sleep habits.

What's Next?

At the end or your program you will have a final visit with your provider to determine the best next steps in your health journey. Some complex cases may require an additional program. Others will move to Wellness Care or continue to utilize our cutting-edge therapies.

New Program

You may need additional testing, treatments or follow up as you continue on your journey. We will discuss best next options for additional programs.

Wellness Care

We offer routine care in the area of chiropractic, acupuncture and manual therapies. You will receive a discount by committing to ongoing monthly wellness care.

Individual Services

Continue to take advantage of our cutting-edge therapies, diagnostics, evaluations, and other services whenever you'd like as a part of the Synapse family.