COVID-19 Antibody Test Accuracy

We have received a high number of questions about the validity of the coronavirus antibody screening test that we are using. Because the FDA has fast-tracked testing, many new tests being marketed and sold are of subpar quality. Many companies are reselling tests created by various manufactures at below-average quality and efficacy.

We understand the concerns about testing accuracy and that is why we chose the company that we did – Vibrant America. In preparation for Synapse offering antibody testing, we contacted several companies requesting their technical data so that we could make the best decision on testing based on each test’s accuracy. 

The test we are offering consists of 12 different test markers, which is higher than most other offerings. The increased number of test markers increases the accuracy. The overall accuracy of the test is 97.14% sensitivity (correctly identifying positive individuals) and 98.36% specificity (correctly identifying negative individuals). This is incredibly good, as no test will ever be 100%.

The test we’re using is not imported from another country but developed by a reputable company here in the US. They gave us the most robust data to support the validity of their test, beyond what any other company offered. They’ve complied with all the FDA regulations and are awaiting final approval.

Our confidence in choosing the best test for our patients at this time is high, otherwise we would not be offering it. We hope this clarifies a few points about the testing we are offering at Synapse. Any other questions can be discussed during your free phone consultation.

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