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Welcome Video Get Healthy and Become Proactive with High-Quality Functional Medicine in Eagan, Minnesota

Patient-Centred Approach

No two people are alike, which is why our approach to each person is unique. Our in-depth investigation process guides our team in creating personalized treatment recommendations and programs for you.

One Place for Complete Wellness Support

We provide high-end services that cover the entire body. Functional medicine, physical wellness, and non-invasive aesthetics are our main areas of focus. We create custom experiences for each of our patients.

We Believe There is an Answer to Every Problem

Health concerns, whether new or chronic, can be stressful and difficult to manage. We believe there is an answer to your problem and we'll work our hardest to help along in your journey to find solutions.

Excellence Without Ego

We pride ourselves in a collaborative team approach. Your individual case receives feedback from our entire expert team. Our providers meets every day for an hour to discuss and collaborate on patient care and progress.

Synapse Center for Health and Healing
Provides Comprehensive Healthcare
for Adults and Children of All Ages

Synapse Center for Health and Healing Provides Comprehensive Healthcare for Adults and Children of All Ages

Words from Our Patients

Lora SchultzLora Schultz
13:14 02 Apr 24
More than one member of our family has found life changing transformation from our visits with Synapse. So thankful to have found them and find health and healing in our lives.
Andy S.Andy S.
19:12 18 Mar 24
I've been working with Dr. Amber for a little over a year now. I came to Synapse due to issues relating to menopause, cholesterol, and overall joint pain. I did not want to go on hormone replacement drugs or a statin for my cholesterol. I can't tell you what a difference a year has made in how I feel. Upon coming to Synapse I was not an unhealthy person, but some changes to my diet and exercise plan, as well as the correct supplements, have made all the difference. Dr. Amber is amazing! Not only does she listen, but she really cares about helping you feel better...and her adjustments are like nothing I've ever had before. She has done more for me in a year than I could have ever imagined. Everyone at Synapse has a blessing in my life.
Terry CiaccioTerry Ciaccio
14:17 11 Mar 24
The Synapse team has been wonderful in helping me to succeed in reaching my health goals. It’s a journey I’ve come to appreciate and continue to be educated in such a caring and supportive way. As I am helping myself I am able to help others as well! Beautiful!
Dave EnganDave Engan
17:39 25 Feb 24
Synapse helps you to seek out a level of healing that you are unable to see with traditional medicine.
Ron & Cheryl JanssenRon & Cheryl Janssen
00:39 19 Feb 24
If you want to get to the root cause and not just deal with symptoms, this is definitely the place to go! It could be a longer process, but in the end, give a better quality of life. The staff is so helpful and listening. You don't feel like it's hurry up and on to the next person.
Sarah SchuetySarah Schuety
10:54 18 Feb 24
Synapse is truly one of my favorite places. The healing and answers I’ve found have been life-changing. Our whole family goes here. Their research, products and equipment are cutting-edge and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks Dr. Troy and team!
09:07 18 Feb 24
I had been to several chiropractors with reoccurring lower back pain. Synapse was the only clinic that fixed the issue within a couple months and didn’t keep stringing me along with repeat appointments. Their mission to heal patients is a fact. I will return if I need to in the future. Thank you Synapse!
Sam WestreSam Westre
19:16 20 Dec 23
Kendra RoseKendra Rose
19:30 20 Jul 23
I’ve struggled with health issues for nearly 6 years. During that time I’ve seen many practitioners, none of them got to the root cause.My husband encouraged me to give Synapse a try. We had heard Dr.Troy on the radio and respected him immensely.I have been under Dr. Natalie’s care for around 4 months. She immediately dug in; listening to my concerns and addressing my symptoms. Through labs; and testing she found the root cause of my condition. She really listens, and is determined in her protocol to see me healthy. She is truly a gift from God.I would highly recommend Synpase to any one who, like me, was frustrated and discouraged. You will find help and hope at Synapse.
Sara ArfstenSara Arfsten
20:18 18 Jul 23
I have been a patient at Synapse for more than a decade. I can’t say enough good things about the clinic and the care I receive. Getting to the root cause of issues I encounter has enabled me to continue to work in my profession. Dr. Troy has been a huge blessing in my life, along with the other doctors I’ve seen. Thanks, Synapse!
Tzenka MartchevTzenka Martchev
03:55 09 Jul 23
Dr. Troy has a kind and humble attitude, and excellent diagnosis and treatment skills. He takes time to assess you as an individual, listen to your concerns and provide a range of treatment options suited to your individual needs. He and the entire team at the clinic are professional, extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and totally committed to helping you become your best self. I feel like I’m cared for and there’s an actual plan to get well and stay well.Thank you for healing my GI tract, making my neck, shoulders, and back feel better, healing me from insomnia, and so much more. I really appreciate this place.I highly recommend the clinic for almost every problem you can think of.
Mindy HaukedahlMindy Haukedahl
12:38 08 Jul 23
Dr Troy and his team are incredible. I’ve been a patient there since 2006 and will never go elsewhere. The compassion and knowledge to discover the core issues to work towards healing is unlike any other dr I’ve ever met. Highly recommend!
Erica CooperErica Cooper
22:10 05 Jul 23
After many years of struggling to get answers to my health issues I was fortunate enough to find Synapse. The functional medicine approach takes into account the whole body and searches for the root of the problem not just prescribing a pill to cover up the symptoms of a health issue. The human body is so complex there shouldn’t be one standard prescription for any issue.Many of my health concerns are woven together and by Dr Josh taking the time to evaluate each issue and find the root, we have brought my body into a much better balance and I didn’t have to suffer from any prescription side effects. I feel so much better, I am sleeping at night again, and I know my solutions are long term. After over 40 years of migraines they are almost completely gone! I truly have my life back.I also love how Dr Josh is patient and willing to explain in simple terms what is going on in my body and how each determination will affect what we are trying to accomplish.Every dollar spent here... is money invested in my long-term health not just a quick fix. I always leave there feeling better and more optimistic about any concerns. The staff are all friendly as well, personalizing each visit.read more
Carla MavaresCarla Mavares
21:04 05 Jul 23
I had gone to several other doctors, across the country for my health issues and was constantly just prescribed pills that treated my symptoms but did nothing to treat the cause. There was always bad side effects and the solution was just to switch to new medication. When I started going to synapse, the first thing they did was try to find out what was actually causing my issues. In 15 years, no other doctor had even considered that there could be underlying cause. I am so grateful for the doctors at Synapse. I felt they actually took my concerns and health very seriously and were actively trying to better my life. I cannot recommend them enough to everyone.
21:03 05 Jul 23
Synapse has helped me in numerous ways over the years. There isn’t a single team member that hasn’t helped me in improving my health one way or another. I owe my health and we’ll being to Dr Troy, Marque the clinic’s director, Dr Josh, Dr Natalie, Dr Amber, Dr Ashly, Nurses Bri and Casey, along with all the other fantastic people that make synapse what it is. I cannot recommend Synapse enough. -Austin
20:59 30 Jun 23
I have been the recipient of Dr. Troy's wisdom, knowledge and care for nearly 20 years. There have been times when I'm not sure I could have persevered without the care of Dr. Troy and the other doctors and staff at Synapse. I have received many different services across the years, across almost every provider in the clinic. After a stressful week, it's nice to know I can count on them to counteract whatever challenges are manifesting in my body. From simple illness, to allergies, to broken bones, to recovery from trauma, to proactive wellness and longevity, Synapse has helped me through it all. I am grateful for Dr. Troy and his staff at Synapse.
Lana ChristianLana Christian
19:15 30 Jun 23
The staff at Synapse aren't afraid to take a deep dive into patients' complex medical issues and don't stop until they find answers. Among other things, they have a rare depth of understanding of the issues underlying late-stage Lyme disease, how to correct those issues, and how Lyme can make COVID much worse than usual. I will be forever grateful to Synapse for the care they have given me.
Rhonda PetersenRhonda Petersen
21:49 07 Jun 23
Synapse is a hopeful place, a sanctuary. In this place healthcare providers & staff remember that you are a person with a name, not a number to be checked off a list. My experience the past 4 plus years has been wonderful! Dr. Josh is helping me navigate a difficult health journey with his knowledge & expertise, always wrapped in patience & kindness. Excellence without arrogance! And I get to be a team player as we pursue the best healing modalities for my individual needs. He also understands that behind every patient there is a personal story being lived out with family & friends who are also impacted by the patient’s journey. The pursuit of complete wellness matters in this place. So grateful!!
Nancy PaulNancy Paul
16:11 06 Jun 23
Dr. Amber is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. She does muscle work as well as adjustments. Dr. Troy has amazing knowledge to help you heal your body and is a very caring person as well!!
Nancy BergerNancy Berger
17:31 25 May 23
I started going to Synapse about 1 year ago. My focus was in a couple of areas and Dr. Natalie has been progressively walking me through this.An Urgent Care visit at the end of 2022 resulted in labs taken, with a few being out of range, which led to further labs & a new health journey.I have greatly appreciated Dr. Natalie's input as we worked through this new information. I had a Parathyroidectomy a few weeks ago that was successful. My takeaway is to not take your diagnosis as is, educate yourself, ask questions and make Functional Medicine your core in your health arsenal. It will get you to the root cause!I am now looking forward to working with Dr. Natalie to achieve a strong bone structure!
Laurie O'Neill-KeithLaurie O'Neill-Keith
16:57 19 May 23
I have been a patient of Dr Troy for 22 years. He and his staff are amazing. He has helped me when Mayo Clinic could not. They are extremely knowledgeable. His expertise has even completely amazed my dentist!
Beth PatersonBeth Paterson
20:17 11 May 23
I call Dr. Troy my "Miracle Doctor." His knowledge, research, treatments and compassion helped me overcome 8 years of disability and chronic pain so I have been able to return to doing all the things I love doing. With all of his assistance with lifestyle and supplements, I survived a stroke with no lasting affects. He's more than just a chiropractor with his focus on functional medicine, whole health without prescription drugs, and neurology treatments. He's amazing!!
Merri PostMerri Post
00:06 28 Apr 23
Fit me in with my sister's appointment. Great chiropractic treatment! Always wanted to try the towel treatment. My back and neck feel so good. My sister started at synapse a few years ago with huge health issues, they found food allergies that saved her life, and I'm not exaggerating.
Rebecca LRebecca L
03:56 18 Apr 23
I’ve seen a lot of doctors over the last 12 years and I can easily say that Synapse is the best place to go. They truly make patients their focus rather than money. I traveled to Minnesota to do a one-week stay and I honestly didn’t want to leave. Everyone at the clinic was so friendly, professional, knowledgable, and skilled.Natural/functional medicine treatment is expensive, but the Synapse program is actually the least amount of money I’ve spent on treatment and has had the most positive results. After just one day at the clinic, many of my symptoms improved by 70-90%. I was denied by the Undiagnosed Diseases Network for essentially being a lost cause, yet Dr. Troy knew exactly what my issues were and how to fix them. Even before running his own tests and doing an in-person exam, he was able to predict a lot about my health that ended up being correct.I feel very blessed to have Dr. Troy and his team working so hard to get me feeling healthy again. I’m very optimistic that I’ll... get there by the end of this year.read more
Kali BarlauKali Barlau
22:04 27 Mar 23
Dr. Troy is both brilliant AND compassionate. I am amazed by the way he's able to piece things together that other doctors can't, and he doesn't give up. He's taken on very tough cases, including my mom's, and I'm so grateful. We found Synapse when my mom was suffering and falling through the cracks of the conventional medical system. We need more Dr. Troys in the world!
Alissa RoyAlissa Roy
18:18 20 Mar 23
Synapse clinic has been the biggest blessing for me and my health. I have been going since I was very little and continue to do so into my late 20’s. I have battled food sensitivities and other health concerns for many years. Dr. Troy is the only one who dug and discovered the root cause and helped me save myself from many more health issues down the road. He cares deeply and wants you to feel your best self and live a healthier more fulfilling life. He looks at the whole picture not just the symptom and treating only that. This clinic has been the biggest blessing to me as well as my mom who has battled cancer, surgical disasters and many other health issues. We are both healthier and happier taking care of ourselves with the guidance of Synapse. I wish nothing more than others to discover this clinic and be blessed by feeling better and being healthy. Thank you Synapse clinic for helping me and many others!
Gaye LindforsGaye Lindfors
04:12 18 Nov 22
I am so grateful for Dr. Natalie at Synapse. She listens carefully, and really cares about my health. She has this wonderful ability to look at several issues, find the connections, and create a wellness plan. Every appointment with her leaves me encouraged. I always marvel at how much she knows! My health and life are better since I started working with her.