Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can cause many distressing and unpleasant symptoms. Hormone testing, utilizing both saliva and blood samples, can help locate hormone disturbances and aid in balancing hormones. Many times various hormone imbalances can contribute to the same symptoms. Therefore, assessment is very important.
There are ten main reasons for hormone disturbances:

1. Menopausal Symptoms: Hormone changes that occur during this transitional time can cause many symptoms including hot flashes, mood disturbances, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.
2. Symptoms of Andropause: Adult men experience decreasing hormone levels as they age. The changes in hormones and testosterone can lead to muscle loss, changes in weight, and sexual dysfunction.
3. Adrenal Fatigue: Too much or too little cortisol can result in excessive fatigue, or a feeling of being spent and fatigued.
4. Difficulty Reducing Your Weight: Out-of-balance hormone levels cause excessive weight gain and also lead to more difficulty losing weight
5. Sexual Dysfunction: Declining hormones can potentially cause decrease in sexual interest, vaginal atrophy, and impotence.
6. Infertility: Out-of-whack hormones may lead to the inability to conceive.
7. Cancer Prevention: Too little progesterone and an excessive amount of particular forms of estrogen can lead to increased risk of hormone-dependent varieties of cancer (ex. breasts, uterine, ovarian, prostate).
8. Depression and Anxiety : Reduced progesterone and an imbalanced diurnal cortisol curve can affect or even cause mood disorders.
9. PMS : For many women there is a monthly hormonal roller coaster connected with headaches, cramps, lower energy, and excessive mood swings.
10. Desire to Feel Young and Healthy : Well-balanced hormones help us all attain optimum health in both mind and body. They support us in living satisfying, productive, and energetic lives.

If you’d like to be assessed for any of these symptoms of hormonal imbalance, please contact our clinic and we will set you up for a consultation with one of our doctors.