Immune Boosting Program

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Your immune system is responsible for detecting, destroying and clearing out pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. During any infection, a proper immune response both removes the pathogens and protects your body from unnecessary harm. Sometimes the immune system, even a healthy immune system, can become overwhelmed, allowing you to become sick. This happens to most people every year. If that happens, the immune system response is increased to fight off and clear the infection.

While most people deal with most infections well, everyone’s immune system is different. Some have genetic changes that make it more or less effective. Some individuals have existing medical concerns that decrease immune effectiveness. Still others have lower immune function due to particular lifestyle choices.

During the uncertain times we’re in with the spread of the new coronavirus, taking stock of your own health and immune function is critical to protect not only yourself, but also to protect your loved ones. While it’s true that the individual risk for many people is low, it is still very easy for a healthy individual to contract this disease. Those people show little to no symptoms, but can easily pass this disease unknowingly to at-risk individuals.

But who is at risk? Age is certainly one risk factor, but others exist as well. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, kidney disease and other sources of immune compromise) have a greater chance of contracting this disease and have a higher likelihood of complications and poor outcomes. It’s been shown that certain medications, like ibuprofen or high blood pressure medication, might increase risk. Even having a group A blood type (about 40% of the population) may be a risk factor.

While many of these risk factors cannot be changed, there are certain lifestyle risk factors that can be improved. Little things like sleeping well, being well hydrated, eating a non-inflammatory diet, and increasing certain vital nutrients can improve your immune function.

At Synapse, our goal is to serve our community in any way possible. In response to the recent coronavirus outbreak we will be offering an immune boosting program that can be done remotely via phone visits with our doctors, nutritionists, and health coaches. The program is geared toward improving the health and vitality of your immune system. What you learn will not only be helpful now with the coronavirus, but will be helpful for other types of infections, like the seasonal flu.

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