COVID-19 Antibody Screening Announcement

Synapse is excited to announce the availability of antibody screening for Coronavirus exposure. The test can be ordered through Synapse today.

During this unprecedented time, where so much is unknown, the team at Synapse remain constant in our mission to support you and provide the best care to facilitate the optimal wellness of you and your loved ones.  

With this aim in mind, we are pleased to announce that Synapse is now offering our patients and those within the community an individualized testing option for coronavirus exposure. We have partnered with Vibrant America, a laboratory that has a newly created test that screens patients for coronavirus antibodies. This newly developed type of coronavirus antibody screening assesses you for IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies of various parts of the coronavirus. 

While this is not a diagnostic test, it does allow us to determine whether or not your body has been exposed to the coronavirus, regardless of symptom presentation. Our goal is to enable you to have more peace of mind, and make informed decisions with certainty, in regards to your day-to-day life, work, and social interactions.

The testing process starts with a free phone consultation, where we will briefly gather information about your health history, any current symptoms you may be experiencing, and any potential exposures to the coronavirus. We are required to gather this basic information prior to ordering a test of this type.

Once the test is ordered, we will send you for a quick blood draw that can be done at many locations throughout most major metropolitan areas. After the blood collection, it only takes a few days for Vibrant America to complete the blood analysis and send Synapse the results. You will be scheduled for a short follow-up phone consultation with one of our providers to review your test results with you and recommend any needed next steps.

At Synapse, we believe wide-spread testing is the key for our communities to resume normal life as quickly as possible. You can help by having this test performed on yourself and your loved ones. 

Get set up today by clicking on the link above.

Learn more about the importance of coronavirus antibody testing and how it has the potential to ease the burdens currently felt by our communities.