The number one New Year’s Resolution is….drum roll please…. To Lose Weight!

The number one New Year’s Resolution is….drum roll please…. To Lose Weight.  You probably already guessed that though, because it has probably been one of your resolutions at some point in your life.  Unfortunately, by the end of January, and certainly by the end of February, the majority of New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside not to be picked up again until, the next New Year rolls around.

If you want or need to lose some extra pounds in your journey to health, healing and wholeness, why not take a different approach?  Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, make New You Lifestyle Changes.  Lifestyle changes last longer than resolutions with better results.

Here are 18 tips to help you lose weight in 2018.  If you implement just 1.5 tip per month, by the end of 2018 you will be a healthier, healed, and whole version of yourself, and you’ll probably lose some weight in the process.

  1. Eat the Meat and Nuts breakfast
    • The 1st thing you eat in the morning dictates your neurotransmitters for the day.
    • Meats contain the right amino acid profile to make dopamine, which gives you drive.
    • Nuts contain acetylcholine which increases your attention span.
  2. Boost your brain early in the morning to wake up all aspects of the body
    • Brain Restore and Brain Support by Nutridyn are great products with lots of vitamins and neurotransmitters to help your brain focus and increase total energy.
    • The biggest reason that people quit weight loss plans is because their brain isn’t strong enough, not their body.
  3. Drink water
    • Most Americans consume 50% of their calories from liquids.
    • This leads to malnutrition and weight gain.
    • If you are dehydrated, it typically takes you 66 days to be able to drink the amount of water needed. Drink up!
  4. 90% of most people’s diets are made up of 10 foods
    • Choose 10 healthy foods to eat consistently every week.
  5. Try the Pomodoro technique
    • Work for 25 minutes at a time, then take a 5-minute break to exercise.
    • Any exercise will work such as taking a short walk, doing a plank, doing some push-ups or stretching out. Get your body moving!
    • People who do exercise every 40 minutes retain 70% more information compared to when they work straight through the day.
    • The more sedentary you are, the harder it is to exercise
  6. Your food sensitivities could be making you fat
    • If you are eating food that you are sensitive to, your body responds with an inflammatory response causing more inflammation and lymph in your body.
    • Getting an applied kinesiology muscle test for sensitivities and removing those foods can help decrease inflammation and result in instant weight loss.
  7. Increase your fish oils
    • Fish oils contain omega-3s which are anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Increasing fish oils will help decrease inflammation and increase weight loss.
    • Getting enough fish oils turns off a gene that make vegetables taste bitter to you. After increasing your fish oils, vegetables will taste better, making them easier to consume.
  8. Get chiropractic adjustments
    • Adjustments can help increase range of motion in the spine and extremities and decrease pain. This will help your body move better and easier.
  9. Replace your carbohydrate-filed favorites with vegetables
    • Use zucchini noodles in your next pasta dish or cauliflower rice in your next Chinese cuisine.
  10. Exercise after each meal
    • A 10-minute walk can be enough exercise to improve your insulin sensitivity which helps you regulate blood sugar and lose weight.
  11. Track where you gain weight
    • Different areas of the body correlate with different hormones in the body.
    • Some common sites include around the stomach correlating with high cortisol and around your butt and thighs correlates with high estrogen.
  12. Complete a detoxification cleanse
    • Decrease inflammation and stress on your liver by removing the unhealthy foods and replenishing your liver.
    • The most obese city in the US is Houston, Texas. This is also the most polluted city in the US. Storing toxins can be making you fat.
  13. Drink your vegetables
    • Add Dynamic Fruits & Greens from Nutridyn into your water or shake. One serving of this powder has the equivalent of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables. This is rich in antioxidants and promotes detoxification for weight loss.
    • Having 5 servings of vegetables a day decreasing your risk of heart disease and having 16 servings decreases your risk of cancer.
  14. Be grateful
    • Keep a grateful journal and write in future tense. Your body will be more successful in losing weight, if your mind already believes it can do it.
    • Being grateful helps you reduce your cortisol. High cortisol can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes and weight gain.
    • Include names of people you are grateful for on your list. Reach out to these people and let them know how they have helped you. Spread gratefulness.
  15. Eat your carbohydrates after 6pm
    • Eat slow behaving carbs such as whole grains, nuts, fruits and green vegetables.
    • These help you make serotonin which turns into melatonin and helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  16. Decrease your screen time
    • The blue light from screens increases your cortisol levels which makes it difficult to go to sleep and to lose weight.
    • Start with no screen time 30 minutes before bed. Gradually increase that number until you are up to 3 hours before bed.
    • A study in France found that screen time had a direct correlation with freshman college females and a weight gain of 15 pounds in the first 3 months of college.
  17. Get good sleep
    • Sleep is where your parasympathetics take over and you are able to “rest and digest.”
    • At this time your body restores itself and is more energized for the next day.
  18. Have fun!
    • Having fun improves your physic and helps you lose body fat.
    • Have at least 2-4 hours of fun a week.

Follow these tips to have to get into the best health of your life this year!


Yours in health and healing,

Dr. Gretchen Keene