Great Reasons to Get Breast Thermography

Thermal image of a mans body

Great Reasons to get Breast Thermography

Thermographic screening is a brilliantly simple and underutilized clinical tool. Many times breast tissue changes occur in a younger population of women, especially those with a significant family history, and utilizing thermal imaging to screen breast tissue is an extremely valuable tool.

“5 Great Reasons” to undergo breast thermography.

1)  Completely Safe

It is a painless imaging procedure that uses no radiation, injections, or other invasive methods. It is economical, and FDA approved as an adjunctive imaging procedure and requires only an hour of your time.

2)  Measurement of Function

Using sophisticated medical infrared cameras and computer systems, the clinical process can take an image of the surface temperature patterns of your body. Biochemical messages will alter the patterns of heat radiating from the body. These patterns will change the amount of heat given off in each area, this can indicate potential problems in the future.

3)  Early Warning System

By assessing the risk involved with malignant cells, it is highly predictive providing you with an early warning system. This permits you to research to make better-informed decisions about how to deal with the issue at hand. Thermography can detect physiological changes (how your body functions) sometimes “years” before any structural changes take place. Medical Thermal imaging is indispensable for assessing the effectiveness of treatment along with hormonal influences and their effect on your health.

4)  All Shapes and Conditions

Breast Thermal imaging is best used for women with all breast shapes, women with fibrocystic condition and women with implants.

5)  Long-Term Tracking

Imaging using this infrared method may be precisely what the doctor ordered in terms of trying to locate and identify the cause of current health problems as well as a non-invasive process for monitoring your health over time.Once a baseline is established we’re able to track any changes that occur over a longer period to determine if your health is stable, getting better or moving in the wrong direction.

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