Dr. Joshua Wallert, DC

Dr. Joshua Wallert is a Minnesota native and has over 10 years experience in healthcare. He has a passion for serving individuals through providing understandable education and streamlined healthcare delivery.Dr. Josh has extensive doctoral and postdoctoral education with national-board certifications and licensure in Chiropractic and Functional Neurology.

Prior to joining the team at Synapse, he managed complex neurological and autoimmune patients, built and managed a stem cell therapy clinic for several years, worked with a non-profit focused on mental health disorders, and is the co-founder of a nutritional supplement company.

Dr. Josh is involved in patient care coordination and medical research initiatives at Synapse Center for Health and Healing.Through his local church, Dr. Josh has participated in community outreach efforts in the countries of Honduras and Panama. These outreach efforts included construction projects, medical trips, clean up services, and childcare programs.

When Dr. Josh isn’t in the clinic he enjoys reading and spending time outdoors with his wife and two young children. They enjoy exploring and digging for worms in the garden.