BTL Aesthetics

Look and feel your best by boosting your health inside and out. Treatments with our BTL treatments covers problem areas from head to toe and everywhere in between. These groundbreaking devices are used for both aesthetic concerns and functional issues. 

Whether your goals are looking your best, feeling more energized, or improve your body’s overall functioning, BTL treatments at Synapse have you covered!

The best way to learn more is through a Free Renewal Consult. You’ll discuss your priorities with one of our experts and work together to build a program that can best support you in achieving those goals.

Synapse Body

Learn more about the various BTL aesthetic treatments at Synapse.


Discover a breakthrough in skin aesthetics, skin health, and anti-aging with BTL EXION RF Microneedling and Targeted Ultrasound.


EMSCULPT NEO is the first non-invasive aesthetic device designed to eliminate fat cells and build muscle.


A revolutionary aesthetic facial treatment like never before, our EMFACE treatments lift and tone muscles to enhance your natural look.


Reduce stubborn cellulite and lymphatic fluid congestion throughout the body with our EMTONE technology.


EMSELLA is a non-invasive therapy expertly designed to improve pelvic floor tone and reduce a variety of dysfunctions.

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