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The 4-in-1 EXION platform is backed by 14 clinical studies of over 1200 studied treatments. 

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What is EXION?

EXION provides multiple revolutionary treatments in a single package for improved skin health from head to toe. Our RF Microneedling and Targeted Ultrasound provide a complementary experience for those looking to improve the look and feeling of their skin.

EXION RF Microneedling

The latest technology in microneedling stimulates collagen production to improve the look and feel of your skin. 

The technology provides single-pass fractional radiofrequency for deep treatment of tissues. The combination of microneedling with radiofrequency allows up to 8 mm of penetration, which is double that of traditional microneedling. The use of artificial intelligence means any location of the body can be treated quickly and easily.

EXION Targeted Ultrasound

Our Targeted Ultrasound technology through EXION is the first device to boost hyaluronic acid without the use of needles. This leads to better hydration and volume of the skin.

The technology uses ultrasound and radiofrequency together to achieve this amazing benefit. By combining heat and mechanical stimulation, it not only improves hyaluronic acid, but also boosts collagen and elastin fibers in the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.

This treatment can also reduce stubborn areas of fat through a specific method of heating and cooling, allowing you to targeted your areas of concern precisely.

All of this adds up to a more effective treatment with less pain and no down-time.

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Important Information:

Your results may vary. Treatment should not be applied if you have electronic or metal implants. Side effects may include temporary damage to natural skin texture (crust, blister, and burn). As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the EXION™ procedure is right for you. BTL®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSCULPT®, EMSELLA®, EXILIS®, EMTONE®, HIFEM®, HIFES™, EMFEMME 360™, Core to floor®, EXION™, VANQUISH® and EMFACE® are trademarks and/or registered trademarks in the United States of America, the European Union, and other countries. The products, the methods of manufacture or the use may be protected by one or more U.S. or foreign patents or pending applications, see www.btlnet.com/patents. Trademarks EMSCULPT, EMSCULPT NEO, EMSELLA, EMTONE, EMFEMME 360, EMFACE and EMBODY are associated with the EM® family of products and services.

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