Food Challenge Booklet

Have fun and learn about making healthy food choices with the Synapse Kids | Food Challenge Booklet.



Travel the world from your kitchen with our new The Synapse Kids | Food Challenge Booklet. Keeping kids busy and active is a full-time job. Have fun with your kids as they learn more about the importance of a healthy, well rounded diet. The Synapse Kids | Food Challenge Booklet provides parents and children a set of fun activities that revolve around making great food choices.


Each page will have a different challenge for you to accomplish. When you’ve met a challenge, write in the food you ate or draw a picture of it. For example, In the “Eat the Rainbow” challenge, if you tried a kiwi for the first time, write “KIWI” in the green section, or do your best to draw a picture of the kiwi you ate. One meal or food may cover multiple challenges. If you have tacos, you can mark off the “Mexican Cuisine” challenge, but you may also complete “Red” (tomatoes), “Trying a New Protein” (maybe put fish in them!), or even “Mix Up Meals” if you have a breakfast taco.


Activities include:
  • Healthy or Not
  • Eat the Rainbow
  • Try Something New
  • Travel the World From Your Kitchen
  • Mix Up Your Meals
  • Tells Us Your Favorite Meal
  • Grow Your Own Food
  • Color in the Fruit
  • Color in the Vegetables