BTL Detox

Everyone knows the benefit of detoxification. It can make a world of difference for your overall health and wellbeing. But detoxification can be hard. At Synapse, we utilize a variety of technologies to boost your detoxification capacity, including the cutting edge devices from BTL. 

By stimulating muscle contraction, burning fat, and stimulating lymphatic drainage, we can greatly improve the effectiveness of other detoxification protocols. We often use these in conjunction with our other therapies, like our Ozone Detox Sauna and IV Therapy.

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Dump the Junk

We use several BTL technologies to support detoxification.


EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive device that stimulates muscle contraction and burns fat. This is an excellent way to boost detoxification of the lymphatic system.


Our EMTONE technology is another great way to boost lymphatic drainage by stimulating the movement of fluid in the top layers of the skin and fascia.


Discover a breakthrough in skin health and anti-aging with BTL EXION RF Microneedling and Targeted Ultrasound.

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