COVID Consultation Call

Thank you for your interest in Synapse Center for Health and Healing!

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID, the Synapse team receives questions daily about our recommendations surrounding COVID support and recovery. To facilitate faster access to our team, we have set aside dedicated appointment time to address these concerns during a 20-minute phone consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your concerns and offer recommendations for supportive care.

We have developed supportive protocols for individuals with the following concerns:

  1. Proactive Immune Support
  2. COVID Symptom Support
  3. COVID Recovery Support

Plan on your COVID Consultation Call lasting approximately 20 minutes with a cost of $142.67. After the consultation, we may make recommendations that could include supplementation, prescription, and lifestyle modifications. We may also recommend follow up appointments.

Please fill out the questionnaire below to the best of your ability (enter the patient’s information). Be sure to set an appointment time in our scheduling calendar (at the end of the questionnaire) even if the first available slot is several weeks out. We check daily for cancellations in our schedule and will call you if an opening occurs prior to your scheduled visit.