Immunity Health in the Winter

Immunity Health in the Winter We know that many people get colds and flus more often in the winter time. But have you ever wondered why is this? A few facts that contribute to this include: The flu viruses are more stable in cold air Low humidity helps the virus stay in the air. Our … Read more

The number one New Year’s Resolution is….drum roll please…. To Lose Weight!

The number one New Year’s Resolution is….drum roll please…. To Lose Weight.  You probably already guessed that though, because it has probably been one of your resolutions at some point in your life.  Unfortunately, by the end of January, and certainly by the end of February, the majority of New Year’s Resolutions fall by the … Read more

The Eight Modifiable Factors for Autoimmune Disease

Recently, on the Susie Larson show on KTIS Faith Radio, a listener called in with a question about autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is an extensive and complex topic, too extensive to cover in-depth on the radio program, or even within this article.  To summarize the answer to the listener’s question, Yes, there are modifications you … Read more

Benefits of Acupuncture

Here at Synapse, our deepest desire is to elevate the health and wholeness of our patients.  Whether by directly treating a condition, or supporting your health in and through a condition, we are passionate about using techniques and treatments that promote health and healing.  Acupuncture is one of those techniques. Acupuncture works in several ways … Read more

Low Progesterone in Women

Symptoms of Low Progesterone in Women Emotional Downfall One of the first low progesterone level symptoms is an emotional downfall that makes women susceptible to irritability, vulnerable mood swings, and depression. You may feel disoriented and suffer from a disappointment of sorts with yourself. This is common and will unfortunately persist until your body becomes … Read more

Great Reasons to Get Breast Thermography

Thermal image of a mans body

Great Reasons to get Breast Thermography Thermographic screening is a brilliantly simple and underutilized clinical tool. Many times breast tissue changes occur in a younger population of women, especially those with a significant family history, and utilizing thermal imaging to screen breast tissue is an extremely valuable tool. “5 Great Reasons” to undergo breast thermography. … Read more

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can cause many distressing and unpleasant symptoms. Hormone testing, utilizing both saliva and blood samples, can help locate hormone disturbances and aid in balancing hormones. Many times various hormone imbalances can contribute to the same symptoms. Therefore, assessment is very important. There are ten main reasons for hormone disturbances: 1. Menopausal Symptoms: Hormone … Read more